Piazza Seafood Presents: N’Tini’s, Mandeville, La.

N’tinis is a casual dining spot with fine dining flare. Its menu features steaks, seafood, handcrafted cocktails, and signature desserts. Although N’Tini’s has remained a staple in the Northshore area, it has undergone a few changes in the past year. The most recent being the addition of Chef Duke Locicero.

Meet Chef Duke

Locicero brings big personality and flavors to this longtime Northshore favorite. He spent 25 years in the French Quarter at his own restaurant, Café Giovanni which graced the scene in 1991 and featured Italian-Creole dishes. Locicero’s fun spirit and approach to Italian-Creole fusion made Café Giovanni a go-to for many until the restaurant closed its doors in 2017. Now in 2018, you can find Locicero cooking up hybrid creations for the Northshore community.

Heating up the Weekend

Lately, the Northshore community has been talking about the featured weekend specials picked by Locicero himself. Showcasing a variety of dishes from Italian flatbreads to fresh fish, Locicero invents tasteful creations for patrons to indulge in on this special menu. A few weeks ago, Locicero featured a Seared Lousiana Lemon Fish. This tantalizing dish was topped with a fried oyster and Herbsaint cream sauce served with a spinach and artichoke dressing. That is a whole lot of rich, seafood goodness if you ask me! This dish, as many seafood dishes at N’Tini’s do, featured fresh fish from Piazza Seafood.

“The service and price keeps me coming back,” says Locicero.

Locicero has been ordering from Piazza Seafood for the past five years. From jumbo lump crabmeat to tuna to oysters on the halfshell, Piazza Seafood supplies a fresh seafood selection with a difference in quality that you can taste and see.

“If the price is right, we order what(ever) you [Piazza Seafood] have,” wittingly remarked Locicero.

The self-proclaimed ‘Mandeville Favorite’ will continue its weekend specials through the summer. We expect more fresh fish dishes to grace the menu in addition to N’Tini’s daily fresh fish offering.

At Home Dining

Louisiana chefs like Locicero are in a culinary playground where fresh seafood is in abundance. The dishes they create are one-of-a-kind but, you would be surprised how consumers like you and I create dishes close to these when the right ingredients are available.

Cobia or Lemon Fish as it is often referred, is a sweet, mild fish that pairs well with a robust sauce. It is available in fresh fillets by the pound from Piazza Seafood.

So, be inspired and enjoy cooking this fresh fish in the comfort of your own home. Also, distributors and restaurants can get Piazza Seafood products direct to them.


Visit us at PiazzaSeafood.com to find out more about our products.

Big thanks to Chef Duke Locicero for sharing his thoughts with us.  Stay tuned for other restaurant features from Piazza Seafood Presents.


Ready to try your hand at making one of our featured seafood dishes? You are in luck! Fresh and frozen seafood can be ordered directly from Piazza Seafood. If you are a business looking to buy from us, please don’t hesitate to enter in your information or call us directly at 504-734-0012.

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