Piazza Seafood Presents: Q-Bana-So Grill, Kenner, La.

Kenner is a small town just a short drive from New Orleans. It is home to New Orleans International Airport and now Q-Bana-So Grill, the city’s only Cuban-focused restaurant. The brainchild of a local contractor and his friend, a native Cuban, Q-Bana-So Grill opened its doors Mardi Gras of 2017.

Contractor to Restaurateur

James Eads was born in Panama and has worked as a contractor for many years. When he was approached to take on the role of Chef and Owner of a restaurant, he traded in his hammer for a knife and got to work.

“Cooking isn’t my first passion,” Eads shyly admits. “But I will cook.”

Eads brings his skills as a home cook to create traditional dishes with finesse.  The newest dish to be featured is Mofongo, which highlights shrimp, mashed plantains, and various seasonings. Eads puts a spin on this beautifully plated, classic dish by using seafood and pairing it with a side salad.  Traditionally Mofongo is mashed plantains, but with the addition of seafood, it brings another dimension to this delicious dish. Eads has ordered seafood from Piazza since he opened. Typically ordering shrimp and tilapia, Eads is trying new dishes every chance he gets.

“I like a challenge.” Eads boasts. “Bring it [different food] to me and I will find a dish to make out of it.”

Beyond Borders

Piazza Seafood is excited to have its seafood used in cuisine that features so many flavors from different countries.

Have a family recipe that features seafood? Home cooks can get seafood delivered to their door and celebrate their family tradition all in the comfort of their own home.

Visit us at PiazzaSeafood.com to find out more and head on over to Q-Bana-So Grill for an authentic taste of Cuba.

Big thanks to James Eads, for sharing this dish and his thoughts with us.

Stay tuned for other restaurant features from Piazza Seafood Presents.


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