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Escolar is a white flesh, highly-prized fish.  This brilliant white fish has a satiny texture and a rich, succulent flavor. Similarly to the fattiest Tuna, Escolar is oil-rich and flavor-intensive. Fisherman find Escolar in tropical and temperate waters worldwide. The most noteworthy catches come from the Gulf of Mexico in the United States. Also, Escolar is most abundant after a full moon.

Available in saku block and fillets.

Product Preparation

Escolar is a high-fat fish. Consequently, it should be consumed on the same day it is thawed.  Thaw frozen blocks or fillets  in the refrigerator. Try grilling it over mesquite.  Furthermore, customers often serve Escolar over a bed of lettuce. Pair with a spicy vinaigrette.



Australia, Ecuador, Indonesia, USA

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