Tuna – Saku


Saku Block AAA – Frozen IVP
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Tuna is firm in texture and boasts a mild, meaty flavor. Best served rare to medium rare or as sushi.

Available in fresh portions and loins. Frozen as loins, steaks and saku blocks.

Product Preparation

Thaw frozen tuna loins in refrigerator or in cold water. Wrap Tuna flesh tightly in plastic and avoid water or ice as to not discolor the meat. Most noteworthy, fresh loins and saku are used for the increasingly popular poke. Also, used for sushi. Use the grill for fresh and frozen steaks. One popular application is to crust tuna with black and white sesame seeds and sear lightly. Place on a bed of lettuce and pair with a vinaigrette for a scrumptious ahi tuna salad.


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Weight 11 lbs


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